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you hAvE got two smAll EArs变成否定句

you have got two small ears变成否定句you haven't got two small earsyou have not got two small ears

Do they have small ears?


否定句You don`t have small heads. 疑问句Do you have small heads? 肯定回答/否定回答Yes,I do/No,l don`t.

Have you got a pen肯定句you have got a pen否定句you haven't got a pen

1.I have biy eyes改否定句 I don't have big eyes.2.He has big nose改否定句 He doesn't have big nose.3.they have small ears改为一般疑问句和肯定句 一般疑问句Do they

原句:She has small ears.改为否定句:She doesn't have small ears.

疑问句:Has she got two ears?否定句:She hasn't got two ears满意请采纳,谢谢

否定句: I don't have two big ears. 疑问句:Do you have two big ears?

否定句:we don't have big ears. 一般疑问句:do you have big ears? 肯定回答:yes,we do. 否定回答:no, we don't.



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