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my friend broke his leg when/while he was playing football. we were driving into the city when we had an accident. she was leaving the house when the telephone rang. 两者的区别是,when可以表示延续性的动作,也可以表示瞬间动作,而while只能引导延续性的动作(时间状语从句).希望我的回答对你有所帮助,有问题可以追问.

有:When will you go to Beijing? Tomorrow/Next week. When did you visit her? Yesterday.

When are they gong out?他们时候出去When is your birthday?你的生日是什么时候When was he dong yesterday?他昨天在干什么When do you read book?你什么时候看书I was walking down the street,When I saw a accident当我在大街上走路的时候,我看见了一个事故.

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题!..when do you go to bed?I go to bed at ten.

1.When did Alice come back yesterday?答She came back at 6 p.m.2.When are you going to the library?答I am going to the library at 10 p.m.3.When do you come home every day?答I come home at 5 p.m.every d

When you had done something , admit it to your parents.

用时间回答 如: at five o'clock on 5th this mirning 等 When do you get up ? I get up at five o'clock . 你的采纳 我的动力 希望我能继续帮你

When did you go to bad yesterday?When will you go to Beijing?When do you get up in the morning?When will we meet this weekend?When will we go to school?When does the bus usually leave?when did you leave the bus station?When will you leave for HongKong?When did you finish your homework?When did you get there?

可以把陈述句转换为 how+形容词+代词(名词)+系动词如how well Mary sings!或者what a/an +形容词+ 名词+代词+系动词如what a clever girl she is!



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