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tired adjectivein need of sleep or rest; weary疲劳的,累的Fisher rubbed his tired eyes.费希尔揉揉疲劳的双眼.she was tired out now that the strain was over.过度疲劳之后她累垮了.■[predic.](tired of)bored with厌倦的,厌烦的I have to look after

try这个词 基本不用被动语态,通常是用主动的,这里如果要改的话,还是改成i was trying

yetyet的音标和读音:DJ音标发音: [] KK音标发音: []yet的词性:adv.(副词)1. At this time; for the present:现在;目前:用法与例句:isn't ready yet.现在还没准备好2. Up to a specified time; thus far:迄今:直至一特定时间;至今:用法与例

tired of厌倦的,厌烦(常用作get tired of对……感到厌倦)tired with疲劳于(常用作be tired with因……而劳累)tired at在(常用作be tired at在……方面很累)tired for为了更上一层楼!^o^】

I tried my best to pass the exam.我尽我最大的努力通过考试.

accuse sb of sth1 She accused him of not keeping his promise2 He is accused of cheating in the exam.

buy KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 买,购买[O1][O8] Mother bought me a pair of jeans.母亲给我买了一条牛仔裤.I bought my house cheap.我这房子买得便宜.2. 【俚】接受;同意;相信 If you say it's true, I'll buy it.如果你说是真的,我就接受下来.3. (以一定

可以用try to do表示尽力做某事 也可以用try doing表示试着做某事


试试看 try 英 [tra]美 [tra] vt.& vi.试图,努力;实验;审判;考验 n.尝试,实验;[橄]触球,(因触球获得的)向球门踢球的权利 第三人称单数:tries 过去分词:tried 现在进行时:trying 过去式:tried 词组短语 I (或he等) will try anything once


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