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是“too late”吗?可翻译为“太晚,太迟”的意思~~~~

Come with me 跟我一起来 Stay the night 今晚留下拉 Just say the words but boy it don't feel right 就把话说出来,但是觉得不太合适 What do ya expect me to say (You know it's just too little too late) 你要我说什么(你知道,现在说有些太晚了) You

shout me get out 噢 ~~~ it's too late 再说一遍 it's too late 从我身边滚开收起你的废话 为什么总是这样 我做错了什么 噢噢 噢噢 噢噢噢 收起你的游戏 为什么总是言行不一 我一眼就全知道你的心思 噢噢 噢噢 噢噢噢 too late 已经太迟了 too late 现在


是“too late”吗?可翻译为“太晚,太迟”的意思~

Soon it's never moreWhen you've got to pay forPromises - made in the nightCall the magic oneAnd with the magic comesForever chained to the flameChorus:It's too lateToo late for tearsToo lateAnd no one hears youDo you feel a touch of evil(then)

It's too late 再说一遍 It's too late 从我面前消失 收起你的罗嗦话 干嘛 若是这样 闭嘴 我做错了什么 噢噢噢噢噢噢噢 比起你的心计 干嘛 若是说一套做一套 我知道你花心 噢噢噢噢噢噢噢 Too late已经太迟了 Too late现在还不晚 Too late从我面前

歌名:Never Too Late 歌手:Three Days Grace 所属专辑:Life Starts Now 中英文歌词:This world will never be 这个世界永远不会成为 What I expected 我期待的那样 And if I don't belong 如果说我离开这个世界 Who would have guessed it 也根本


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