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thErE is ArE就近原则

There is a chair and two desks in the room.There is a girl and three boys in the team.这里用is是跟a chair/a girl对应的 这就是就近原则 另外eitheror和not onlybut also也是就近原则的

There are some trees and a river.这是看are 后面的名词是复数还是单数.如果是单数就用is,复数就用are.还有你要注意可数和不可数名词.不可数名词的时候一般用的也是is.

There be句型的就近原则也是主谓一致语法项目的重点考点.There be句型中be动词的单复数形式由后面挨近的一项的单复数决定. 如:There is a pen,two books and many pencils on the desk.在本句中尽管有钢笔、书和铅笔,但是由于离be动词最近的一项是单数a pen,因此,be动词用单数is.又如:有一本书和三只猫.there is a book and three cats.反过来,有三只猫和一本书.there are three cats and a book.


there be 句型的就近原则就近的是后面所跟的名词性成分 就你所说的题应该用there are 这里的there are修饰的是books而不是a variety of a variety of 则是另一个修饰books的词组 还原回来 你也可以这样理解 a variety of books are there 你不可能说a variety of books is there 吧 而且……there be句型的就近原则应该是更体现在有两者以上 比如:there is some milk and books on the table there are some books and milk on the table

对,there is或are是按就近原则.那么怎么用呢,就是be动词最靠近的那个词是单数就用is,是复数就是are.例如:There is an apple and three pears in the box.(注意用了is)There are three pears and an apple in the box.(注意用的是are)

there be 句型的就近原则是针对于几个并列的名词有单数也有复数的时候说的.你这个不属于这个范围.而且pants跟clothes是一样的,多是以复数形式出现的,我们都是说which clothes is yours?,你明日听说过which clothes are yours?这阵说法吧

比如:桌上有一支笔,两把尺子和三本书.翻译来就是:there is a pen , two rulers and three books on the desk.就是指不管there be 后面有多少东西,be动词是is 还是are 都根据离它最近的那个词来决定.例子:there is an apple , two pears and three oranges.其实例子都是差不多的啦.

There _______ a ballpen, a ruler and some books on the desk.A. is B. are C. have D. has答案选A 这就是就近原则 离哪个近 be的形式随之单复数变化

there be句型适用就近原则, e.g. There is a book and two pens. There are two pens and a book. here,there开头的句子后面要用倒装. e.g. Here comes the bus!


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