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thErE BE造句加汉语

There was a big playground before,but now there is not.这里过去有一个大操场,但是现在没有了.

There will be a football match in our school ,tomorrow.明天,我们学校有一场足球比赛.

1There is a book on the desk. 2There is a pen in the pencilcase 3There is an apple on the tree 4There is some money in the box 5There is some water in the glass 6There is a ball under the chair 7There is an egg in the cup 8.There is some ink in

There are many people.There are more and more rubbish in the ground.There is some mlik .There are many animals.There were went home at six o'clock last night.


1.There's a puppy tied to a tree.2.There used to be a school behind the tower .3.There's nobody in the house.4.There must be somethinng wrong with the cellphone.5.There used to be some dangerous animals on the island.6.There happened to be

There is a cat in the room. There is a dog in front of the house. There is a fish in the lake. There is some milk in the bottle. There is little ink in the bottle. There are some books in the bag. There are some bananas in the basket. There are a lot of

there will be more trees and less pollution in the future.将来有更多的树更少的污染.

There is a photo on the wall.(这里有一张照片在墙上)there are some people in my room.(这里有一些人在我的房间里)there is an apple on the tabble.(这里有一个苹果在桌子上)there are some keys in the drawer(

1.There is a dog..2.there is a school behind the34.there is5.there are dranger animals 6.there is an old friend7.there are many students 因为知识有限,所以错了就对不起了


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