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thErE BE单数

单数 there is There is a dog .there is a bird.there is a cat.复数there are There are two boys.There are three girls.There are some trees.

there was a boy sitting under the tree then.there is a map hanging on the wall.there has been a visit waiting for you.there is a lovely dog and two tiny cats.there is a quantity of birds in the tree. 我列举的五个句子包含了现在时、过去时、完成时以及就近原则和一个表示复数概念却要用单数的句子.还满意吧.

there be句型中be遵循的是就近原则

there be是倒装句,be的形式采用就近原则,按你所说的,分3种情况,不可数名词,be用is/was,可数名词单数用is/was,可数名词复数用are/were.

there is a penthere is a bookthere is a carthere is a boxthere is a cat

There are trees in the school. There are rules on the desk. There are birds in the sky. There is an apple on the table. There is a book in the bag. There is a pen in the pencil-box.

不可数名词 接复数

there be 就近原则.离它近的是单数用is,复数用are 举例: There is some juice and some cakes on the table. There is a pen and some books on the desk. ( 不可数名词或者可数名词单数用 t

肯定句不可数和可数名词前用some修饰,There is some milk(不可数) in the bottle. There are some cookies(可数) on the plate.否定句可数和不可数名词前用any修饰 There isn't any orange juice(不可数) in the fridge. 可数名词前用any修

There will be .. 复数:There will be ..(注意:单复数都可用,单复不变.) There be 一般过去时 单数:There was .. 复数:There were.. There be 现在完成时 单数:There has been.. 复数:There have been


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