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tAkE CArE oF造句

f 是一个介词.例如,后面应该加上名词或者代词:We should take care of our school things

Take care of yourself.你要照顾好自己!

i can take care of you我能照顾你

1.Take care of yourselves. 你们自己照顾自己吧.2.Please take care of everything. 以后请多关照.3.Take care of your health. 关注你自己的健康.4.Have you is take care of? 有人招呼您了吗?

take care of yourself! :保重!

This pencil is mine.这支铅笔是我的I will take care of this hamster.(仓鼠) 我会照顾这只仓鼠的祝你学业顺利!

没有take care for这个短语,只有care for,表示“喜欢” would you care for a cup of tea? 而take care of是指照顾某人 you should take care of your mother

but he does take care to cover his tracks. 但是他还是很小心地掩盖他的踪迹.he or she should also take care not to share food, drinks and eating utensils. 他(她)同时也要注意,不要与别人分享食物,饮料和其他的餐饮用具.however, you still need to take care of minor inconsistencies. 不过,您仍然需要小心比较小的不一致.

Doctor take care of injured people

Can you take care of yourself?


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