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字面意思是 一周一周累积成了月意思是 日复一日地过去

stretch 释义v.伸展;延伸;张开;夸大n.伸展;张开;弹性;一段时间;<俚>刑期adj.可伸缩的v.(动词)vt. & vi. 伸展; 拉直

stretch 英 [stret] 美 [stret] v.伸展;延伸;张开;夸大 n.伸展;张开;弹性;一段时间;刑期 用作动词 (v.) Vast meadows stretch to the east.辽阔的草场向东伸展.She stretched across the table for the butter.她探身去取放在餐桌对面的黄

one month into 的意思是 已经(做了/读了/等等)一个月了,是成语用法句子是说我在诺丁汉大学的法语学位课读了一个月,(就什么什么).就你的补充:整个句子的意思是\x05我在尼泊尔当了一年老师,目前,(虽然)在诺丁汉大学的法语学位课只读了一个月,我又渴望旅游了.

stretch是伸展、可伸缩的意思.具体释义如下:stretch英 [stret] 美 [strt] 1、动词 v.伸展;延伸;持续;包括 例:It is better to stretch the tight muscles first 最好先伸展一下僵硬的肌肉.2、名词 n.伸展;弹性;一片;一段时间 例:Research

My favorite month is August. It is the eighth month of a year.August is a holiday month because we always have summer holidays . August is the hottest month in a year . I like to go to the beach in summer. I can hold the bathing suit and swim in the

extend 多指(如meeting/visit/visa)在时空上的延展;expand 指范围的扩张(如telephone network/knowledge);enlarge 指扩大物体(如house/photograph)的尺寸、范围和体积; stretch 指身体四肢(如hand/leg/neck 等)的伸展;


This month翻译:本月

I like Mid-Autumn Festival best. It is held on the 15th of the eighth lunar month, usually in September. The festival begins at night. As soon as it is dark, poeple go to the yard or the park. They light special candle lanterns and watch while the moon


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