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rAthEr thAn造句

rather than而不是,与其……不如…….可作为一个连词词组,用来连接两个并列成分,表示在两者中进行选择,意为“是A而不是B”,“要A不要B”,“宁愿A而不愿B”.后面可以接名词、名词短语、代词、形容词、副词、动词、不定式、动名词等.例如:1.接名词 He is a writer rather than a teacher. 与其说他是教师,不如说他是作家.John,rather than his roommates,is to blame.要受责备的是约翰,而不是他的室友们.The job will take months rather than weeks.

I would like to go out rather than do homework

rather than开头的话意思为.而不是.所以造句:rather than go to movie,Because I don”t like movie.而不是去看电影,因为我不喜欢电影.I Prefer to fly a kite rather than run.比起跑步我更喜欢放风筝.

so you're looking for partnerships rather than acquisitions?所以你考虑的是合作而不是收购?

I prefer to stand rather than sit.我宁愿站着也不愿坐着.I prefer to swim rather than skate.我喜欢游泳,不喜欢滑冰.I prefer to tea rather than coffee.和咖啡相比,我更喜欢茶.She prefers to dance rather than sing.她宁愿跳舞也不唱歌.I prefer to work rather than be free.我宁愿工作而不愿闲着.

有一个词组是prefer to do sth(B) rather than do sth(A); 意思是:比起来做A,我更喜欢做B; 例如: I prefer to stay at home rather than have a trip outside.比起来外出旅行,我更喜欢宅在家里! 可以延伸一下这个句型:I prefer to have no food to eat rather than have no water to drink.

He prefer toI go on foot rather than take a bus. 他宁愿走路也不愿搭公共汽车

My friends rather than I are eager to take part in the experiment.Her sisters no less than she are glad to meet you.Without question , black people and women earn less than white males in the American economy .

I perfer to sleep at home rather than go shopping. I prefer to watch TV rather than go out.She prefers to sing rather than dance.

we should find other's more advantages rather than disadvantages.


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