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歌曲名:Pardon Me 歌手:Incubus 专辑:iTunes Live from SoHo 歌词: A decade ago, I never thought I would be, at twenty three, on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Woe-is-me. But I guess that it comes with the territory; an ominous

pardon 英['p:dn] 美[prdn] vt. 宽恕;原谅;赦免;劳驾 n. 饶恕,原谅;赦免;[宗]免罪符 int. (用于请求别人重复某事)什么,请再说一遍 [例句]Analysts think a pardon is unlikely.分析师认为,他信不太可能得到赦免.

I am sorry, i am not in mind for what i said today. I just want to speak it out for it is too pressure once hide it in heart. I know it is no use to say sorry. Once taking responsibility , is there business for policeman? But I still want to say sorry to you. I go to sleep first. Good morning , like you

I beg your pardon?Could you speak more slowly,please?pardon,再说一遍的意思,一般是由于问者对他人的言语听不清楚而发问,用于口语居多,可单词成句

对不起,我的英文不是很好,麻烦你讲慢一点! Sorry,my English is not very well.Would you speak slowly? 还有很多不同款式的,你慢慢挑! And there are many different styles,you choose slowly,Please! 请你再说一遍,我刚才听得不是很清楚! Please say it again,I haven't heard clearly just now.

Excuse me Sorry

i beg your pardon. 中文是 我乞求你的原谅 的意思在特定的语言环境中 意思是 请再说一遍 好吗 或者是 对不起啦

Our CE were told to stay for some time to get, so very sorry! After CE, etc. I will take the initiative to get contact you, please forgive!


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