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my homE60 90个单词

My HomeMy home is in a mountainous village. There is a small river and many beautiful trees around my home. There is also a yard behind my home. We often go to play there. My home is made of bricks. It's very strong and beautiful. I don't

I have a warm home.I love my home. Into the gate, you will see a large living room.Turn left is the kitchen.If, go straight, then we can see three rooms.Central Which room is mine.It is not big, but very sweet.Room filled with my favorite doll.My parents are next to rooms. This is me at home.A lovely's home.

Welcome to my home!This way please!Look!There is a big and beautiful room in my home.That's my room. there is a football under the chair,a baskerball on the bed.My things are over where!I don't like clean my room!I have a pet cat,look,she is in

Hi! My good friend! Look at my beauitful home.It's nice and clean.What's my home like?It's not very big.But it is very great.There is a big sofa in the livingroom.It's orange ang red.There is a desk in front of the sofa.On the desk.There are some

My home is an apartment. It is in the seventh floor. It is very big. My home is very beautiful . I love it very much . There are four rooms and two living rooms in my home. Next to my bedroom is a bathroom. The living rooms aren't far from the kitchen.

my home i have a warm home.i love my home. into the gate, you will see a large living room.turn left is the kitchen.if, go straight, then we can see three rooms.central which room is mine.it is not big, but very sweet.room fill缉光喝叱估癸台含郡ed

My home My home is on the first floor. there are two bedrooms, a kitchen and a living room. I'm a child. I have a nice bedroom. In my bedroom, there is bedroom, a closet, an air- conditioner and so on. My closet is green. My bed is blue. I love my bedroom very much.

i have a very happy family.there are three people in my family.there are my father,my mother and me.my father is a businessman.my mother is a primary school teacher.my father is very busy.everyday he gets up at half past seven.then he drives his car

我的变化 great changes in my life as i learn more and grow up gradually, i change in many aspects. my teachers say i study harder and my parents say i am more sensible than before. as for me, i want to learn more in school and be a good boy to

您好,现在给您写吧.my dream home everyone has his own dream home,so do i.my dream home will be very beautiful and wide. there will be three private rooms,and two living rooms.and the private rooms will be my dream wife/husband`s room,


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