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止咳糖浆 名词

I stand corrected 中文译作:我承认我错了.这是美国俚语,等于I admit that I was wrong.例如:I stand corrected - the company was established in 1927,not 1926,as I had mistakenly thought.原句中stand为动词,意思是:站立,起立; 竖直放置

错误地基本翻译by errorfalselyin errormistakenly网络释义错误地:by mistake|in error|mistakenly错误地引用:misquote错误地配置:misconfigure

本句为带有宾语从句的主从复合句.主语 many people谓语 believe宾语(从句) 主语 the term drug 谓语 refers to 宾语 some sort of illegal chemical供参考.

disadvantage[英][dsdv:ntd][美][dsdvntd]n.不利,劣势,短处; 损失; 复数:disadvantages双语例句1His two main rivals suffer the disadvantage of having been long-term political exiles.他的两个主要竞争对手因长期


我错误的认为我是你以后的责任之一 自己翻译的 谢谢采纳


eat food吃食物;吃东西;食物产品补充体力例句1.When a wild animal is tame enough to eat food right out of your hand.某种野生动物被驯服后从你的手上吃东西.2.But if mistakenly arrested is a poor, it is possible to call on him eat food, to the point of economic compensation passed.但如果误抓的是个穷人,有可能请他吃顿饭、给点经济补偿就过去了.

Some people may think that the ancients left notes is very correct,"seeing is believing it" or something like that.But now with social progress and people's way of thinking,change,many truths are descendants of the original question.Of course truth


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