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luggage 不可数,baggage可数


不能,luggage是不可数名词.【主英】行李[U] eg:They had left the luggage at the station. 他们将行李留在车站.

luggage 是不可数名词,你句子中的是误用.(呵,我就是从事luggage国际贸易的,这个我知道.) 看下面的句子参考部分:网上教室a little只能与不可数名词搭配,不能与单数或复数可数名词搭配,因此需把a little改为a few(mistakes). * How many luggage have you brought with you?你带了多少行李? luggage是不可数名词,不能与many搭配,应把many改为much (luggage).

没有, luggage是不可数名词Will you please keep an eye on my luggage? 劳驾帮我看一下行李.

baggage为不可数名词.baggage为不可数名词,统指行李,不指一件行李,前面不可加a, many, few等修饰语,也没有复数形式,如果表达“一件行李”则可说a piece of baggage或an article of baggage.baggage 英 [bd] 美 [b

不可数baggage: [ 'bgid3] n. 行李例句与用法: 1. The baggage will be delivered to you at the station. 行李将在车站交给你. 2. Come here, you little baggage! 过来, 你这小丫头! 3. He attached a label to his baggage. 他往行李上贴了一个标

advice, baggage, change(零钱)勤奋, knowledge, luggage(行李). 最常见的不可数名词有, furniture(家具), hair, homework, information,不可数名词

可以例句:A successful man is one who meets frustrations with a sense of humor.成功的人就是面对挫折时能以幽默感处之的人.But if you have done any or all of these things, you will also have experienced frustrations.但如果你做过上述事情中的一件或全部,你也会经历过其中的沮丧.


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