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adj. 不可缺少的;绝对必要的;责无旁贷的n. 不可缺少之物;必不可少的人 短语:indispensable element必需元素indispensable for必需的;对indispensable trivial不可缺少的


1、School students will be at 14:30 on November 28 in the school playground school students in the General Assembly to convene. Conference content from Internet cafes, refused to unhealthy books, please attend on time 2、Computers are increasingly becoming indispensable in people's lives

你好! nothing is impossible to me as i'm young. age is not critical but thought. 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

The sunshine and fresh air as the houses,which were destroyed !

不一样 indispensible不可或缺; indispensable[英][ndspensbl][美][ndspnsbl]adj.不可缺少的; 绝对必要的; 责无旁贷的; 不可避开的; n.不可缺少的人或物

必要的基本翻译necessaryneedfulindispensablerequisiteimperative网络释义必要的:necessary to/for|necessary|mandatory

非常/犯罪情节较轻 分给我吧

I do not agree with that. Because the traditional book is that it has the years and history are not well-developed technology can make people change the traditional culture. These books and magazines and newspapers are indispensable to life . Even

I am a athlete, I love my training, I have already put it as an indispensable part of life, and I am enjoying the cool on the runway, so that you can make me sweat vent so the headaches.


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