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洗盘子;洗碟子.washes:v.洗涤; 冲; 洗( wash的第三人称单数 ); (向着某一方向)流动.He usually washes dishes on saturday.他通常星期六洗盘子.He washes dishes at home.他在家洗碟子.

dishes是dish的复数形式,可以解释为“餐具”、 “菜肴”.如:Take out the dishes and silverware拿出餐具和银餐具;wash the dishes洗涮餐具 West Lake dishes, which originated in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127--1279), are famous for their taste and flavor.西湖名菜有南宋风味,载誉已久.

dishes pl. 餐具,碗盘,菜肴 That dish is too shallow to serve soup in. 那只盘子太浅了,不能盛汤 His favorite dish is roast duck. 他最喜欢吃的菜是烤鸭.

n. 菜肴;餐具(dish的复数) 名词 n. [C] 1.碟,盘 Mary put the peaches in a white dish. 玛丽将桃子装在一个白盘子里. 2.一盘菜;菜肴 Fried eggs are my favorite dish. 煎蛋是我最喜爱的菜. 3.(用过的所有)餐具[the P] I'll do the dishes tonight.

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dishes ['diiz] n. 菜肴;餐具(dish的复数)盘子奶油碟短语Chinese dishes中国菜Cook dishes做菜Ordering dishes点菜recommending dishes推荐菜品Vegetable dishes蔬菜盘;素菜Vegetarian dishes素菜Introducing Dishes菜肴介绍The Dishes该菜肴;从菜品;碟子不用擦干Main dishes主菜

dishes:餐具;盘( dish的名词复数 );一盘食物;外貌有吸引力的人Cheese can be sprinkled on egg or vegetable dishes.奶酪可以撒在鸡蛋或蔬菜做的菜肴上.

英 ['dz] 美 ['dz] n. 盘( dish的名词复数 );餐具;一盘食物;外貌有吸引力的人 网 络 菜肴; 盘子; 菜品; 碗碟


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