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1,递送,交付 The telegram was delivered early this morning.这份电报是今天清晨送到的.2,与.一样He is as tall as his brother.3,过得快活,感到愉快 I hope you'll enjoy yourselves.我希望你们能玩得高兴.

transport 运输 ,The transport of goods by air is very expensive.空运货物费用十分昂贵.交通工具I need some transport to deliver the goods.我需要某样运输工具去发出这批货物.

1)be badly off He be badly off, but he manage to keep up appearance他虽然穷,但总算保住了体面2)pick out Help me pick out some fruits.帮我挑选一些水果.3)cut off The line was cut off.线被切断了.4)star in A star in a television show. 在电视

1、crowd in 蜂拥而来Men crowd in dozens everywhere she goes.无论她在哪里总是被成群的男人包围.2、by chance 偶然;意外地I met Tom by chance yesterday.昨天我偶然遇见汤姆.3、come across 无意中发现He come across this in a curio

She is very enthusiastic about singing .她非常喜欢唱歌.We were amazed at the change in his appearance.他的样子变的使我们大为惊讶.Her mood varied from optimism to extreme depression.她的情绪由乐观一变而为极度消沉.She rewarded


1.The land is covered with fallen leaves 2.Can you count from one to ten.(我估计你应该是要用from to 造句) 3.Never request others to do something they don't like. 4.Look at these two ducks,one is red and the other is pink. 5.Don't stand in the

delivera. <医师、助产士> 使<婴儿>产下,使…分娩b. 帮助 <产妇> 分娩 [生产]The doctor ~ed the woman.医师帮助那位妇女分娩c. 使 <产妇> 生产 [婴儿] [of]She was ~ed of a girl last week.她上周产下一个女婴give birth to bring forth children 生(孩子)*Jane's mother has just given birth to twins.简的妈妈刚刚生了一对双胞胎.

1.The waiting crowd formed up in a long line. 等候的人群排成长长的一队 2.I met him by chance yesterday.(by chance 偶然;意外地 ) 3.Yesterday I came across an old friend. (come across偶遇)

1) The parcel was delivered on time.2) Please finish your homework as soon as possible.3) Did you enjoy yourself at the party last night?4) Fruits, such as apples, are good for your health.5. Smoking is harmful to health.


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