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coconut 英[kknt] 美[koknt, -nt] n. [植]椰子;[植]椰肉 名词复数:coconuts [例句]Coconut oil is also a healthy source of saturated fat for vegetarians.椰子油对于素食者来说同时也是一种很健康的饱和脂肪来源.

释义:椰子椰子肉椰蓉椰果 读音:coconut 英 ['kknt] 美 ['koknt] 英英释义:Noun:the edible white meat of a coconut; often shredded for use in e.g. cakes and currieslarge hard-shelled oval nut with a fibrous husk containing thick white

coconut英 ['kknt] 美 ['koknt] n.椰子用作名词 (n.)Coconut is usually seen in the South.椰子果通常在南方见到.

额,coconut,(kknt) 中文谐音大概是“抠可哪次”吧

coconut[英][kknt] [美][koknt,-nt] 生词本简明释义n.[植]椰子;[植]椰肉复数:coconuts以下结果由 金山词霸 提供柯林斯高阶英汉词典 网络释义 百科释

coconut ['kuknt] n.1.椰子(果) (=coconut palm)2.椰子肉 [亦作 cocoanut]3.[贬语、俚语、比喻](受白人文化影响或持有白人观点的)“棕皮白心”的黑人


椰子的英语是coconut1、读音 coconut 英 ['kknt] 美 ['koknt] 2、释义n. 椰子;椰子肉3、短语 coconut oil 椰子油 coconut milk 椰奶;椰子汁 coconut shell 椰子壳 coconut tree [植]椰子树(等于coconut palm) coconut juice 椰子汁

coconut palmn.椰子树,椰树; 网络椰子树; [植]椰子树,椰树; 椰树; 复数:coconut palms 双语例句 Drag onto the page to add a palm tree, such as date palm, queen palm, coconut, or canary island palm.拖到绘图页后,可以添加棕榈树,如

语法标注解释 coconut英音:['kuknt]美音:['kok,nt]


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