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BE ExCitED ABout什么意思

be excited about[英][bi: ksatd baut][美][bi ksatd bat]对…感到兴奋; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.However to get business buy in you need the business to beexcited about what you are doing. 但是想要让企业买你的帐,你需要让企业为你所做的事情感到兴奋..-----------------------------------如有疑问欢迎追问!满意请点击右上方【选为满意回答】按钮

be excited about doing sth.be excited to do sth.:前者都表示一般状态下的兴奋/喜欢,后者都表示做某件特定的事(或不久后就要做的事)的兴奋/喜欢

be excited at the news.听到这个消息,我比较高兴.be excited about表示对什么感到兴奋.

be excited about doing sth网络做某事感到兴奋be excited about doing sth网络做某事感到兴奋

be excited about:对什么感到兴奋、激动 i'm excited about the 2008 olympics be excited with:因什么感到兴奋 he's excited with his new computer.be excited by:被动结构 mary is excited by her good test results.be excited at:后面接地点、场所、环境 were you excited at the last olympics?祝你开心如意!

回答和翻译如下:Beexcited About Sth.为某事兴奋.

be excited about的意思是:令人兴奋的be excited with的意思是:兴奋的 所以是不等于的.

be excited about doing sth."和"be excited to do sth."的关系与"like doing sth."和"would like to do sth."是一样的:前者都表示一般状态下的兴奋/喜欢,后者都表示做某件特定的事(或不久后就要做的事)的兴奋/喜欢 need to do need 是行为动词,而 need do 它是个情态动词.


be excited at “在的影响下而激动 be excited about “关于某事而激动” She is very excited about/at winning the first prize. 赢得首奖,她激动不已. 常可以互换 be excited in 对感到兴奋; 对感到兴奋 You won't be excited in a flip dice game if it isn't related with your property. 就好像掷骰子,如果不牵涉你的财产,你就不会动心.


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