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BE EquippED with造句

应该是sth be equipped with sth 这个是被动语序,某物被装备 或者是sb equip with sth 某人装备某物

be equipped with 英[bi: ikwipt wi] 美[bi kwpt w] 装备 [例句]chinese universities should also be equipped with bigger and better soccer pitches.中国的大学也应该配备更大的更好的足球场地.

last but not least的中文翻译: .最后但并非最不重要的 造句Last but not least, a good supervisor must be even-tempered and able to offer constructive criticism.最后一项要点是,优秀的主管必须性情平和,并能够提供建设性的批评 望楼主采纳

be opposed to 反对…;与…相对;这里的to是介词,后面要跟动名词或者名词 反对某件事,反对做某事 ①at first he was opposed to our suggestion, but we managed to bring him round.起初他反对我们的建议,但我们设法说服了他.②the thumb can be opposed to any of the fingers.大拇指能与任何一个手指相对.③i am opposed to going shopping with others.我反对与他人一起外出购物.

One third of divorces are the result of extramarital affairs. 三分之一的离婚案件都是因此而起.Chinese universities should also be equipped with bigger and better soccer pitches.中国的大学也应该配备更大的更好的足球场地.I go for a travel once

填matched. fitted = 安装 equipped = 装有 matched = 配对

这句话是不是没有说完啊?be equipped with 后面应该接名词的啊用..武装自己再看看别人怎么说的.

regret doing sth 是后悔、遗憾、抱歉做了某事! 事情是已经发生了用这个! 例句 i regret interrupting you. 我很抱歉打扰你了! regret to do sth 是遗憾要做某事! 例句 i regret to tell you that you can't go there!我很遗憾告诉你,你不能去那里! regret n. 遗憾, 悔恨, 抱歉, 歉意 vt. 为感到遗憾, 后悔, 惋惜, 哀悼, 懊悔 vi. 感到抱歉

be equipped with~~

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