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因为;由于 because of something We're late on account of the bad traffic. 我们迟到是因为交通拥挤. The meeting was postponed on account of the chairman's illness. 由于主持人生病,会议延期 要注意:on account of ,because of ,due to

on account of 是不适合加从句的 on account of: 因为,由于 例句与用法: 1. He was granted special admission on account of his effort. 由于他自己的努力, 他被破格录取. 2. On account of his more elevated position, the general had the enemy

on account of 的意思是“由于,基于”.例句:We canceled the beach picnic on account of the bad weather forecast.因为天气预报说会变天,所以我们取消了海滩野餐.We got married on account of the baby.我们是奉子成婚.与on account of意思相近的词组有:because of, because of the fact that, for the sake of, by reason of, owing to 等等.

account of意思是由于;帐内.account of:英 [kant v] 美 [kant v] 由于;帐内1、The flight was postponed on account of bad weather. 因为天气恶劣,飞行延期了.2、Yesterday's letter contains a detailed account of the decisions

在给出的句子中account of不是词组,但是account of这个词组也存在,意为“某人账内”,“……账上重视”.另,比较常见的用法:on account of因为,由于 by(from)all accounts根据大家所说 再另,这个句子真的是正确的吗?如果是The researchers analyzed the detailed accounts of more than 3000 recently.翻译就是:研究人员近期详细的分析了3000余个账目.至于那个crying experiences(极坏的经历),我不太懂在这句话中的作用.

收支正当,无须记帐. Happiness takes no account of time 良宵苦短 Behaviourism leaves out of account consciousness and introspection 行为主义不把意识和内省考虑在内. To reconcile or equalize the sums of the debits and credits of(an

on no account 1.决不We must on no account miss the chance. 我们决不可错过这个机会. 2.不论什么原因也不On no account should you do that!不论什么原因你也不应该那样做!on account of 1.因为,由于,为了的缘故 2.针对 He could not come on account of his illness.他因病不能前来. That was on account of lack of exercise.那是由于缺乏锻炼.

account n.计算, 帐目, 说明, 估计, 理由 vi.说明, 总计有, 认为, 得分 vt.认为 客户:与一公司有着商业或信誉联系的顾客:salespeople visiting their accounts.worth, standing, or importance:价值,地位,重要性:a landowner of some


名词n. 1. 帐,帐目,帐单[C] The accounts show we have spent more than we received. 帐目显示我们已经入不敷出了. 2. 帐户;客户[C] The company is our best account. 这家公司是我们的最佳客户. 3. 记述,描述;报导[C][(+of)] The

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