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ThErE ArE Four pEoplE in my FAmily.EvEry DAy my...

There are four people in my family. Every day my parents are very busy trying to make money. In order to pay the high tuition (学费) for my brother and me. They hardly say “I love you” or send flowers to each other. Besides, my father has a bad


我的名字叫汤姆、我是一个美国男孩、我门家有四口人 我的父母我的姐姐和我 我的父母是医生

family 集合名词,可以看成一个整体,谓语动词是单数比方说 His family is a happy family也可以看成复数,这时一般都涉及成员的活动,比方说看电视啊,打球什么的,当然这句很忙也算具体到成员活动了,所以选择复数 A are

正确的说法是这样子的哈:There are five people in my family, my parents, a pair of twin sisters and me.这里用一对a pair of就不会让人误会你和你的一位姐姐是双胞胎啦望采纳哦

就目前的这些内容,更正如下:Dear dad,you are (so) busy every day that you do not pay much attention to your health.I (was改成am) worried about you.I hope you can keep (health改成healthy).You often drive to (you改成your) office.It is not far另:第一处错误也可以直接在day和that中间加上so.

小题1:A 小题2:B 小题3:D 小题4:C 小题5:A 试题分析:这篇文章主要介绍了一家四口----Mike的爷爷、Mike的爸爸、Mike的妈妈以及Mike的职业、生活习惯以及饮食爱好. 小题1: 细节理解题. 根据 “ My father is a taxi driver. He's very busy.




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