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星期二,我们学校组织采摘活动,只让部分优秀学生参加.我被选中了.On Tuesday, our school organized picking activities, only some of the best students in. I have been chosen.那天,我很早就起床了,来到学校.因为那天我书包里装的全是吃



Jerry finally decided that he would like to own a gun, just like the gangsters. So he saved his money for a couple of years. Then he went to a gun store and bought a used .38 caliber revolver for $300

hello where do you come frome? i'm from usa. ok. follow me ok.go after two times.. excuse me? yes? where r we going? chaizhai yuan of beijing xijiao yeah? what' that That's no wurun, and chun tianran , shuiguo you caome apple xigua.

Nowadays, “stealing vegetables” on line is becoming more and more popular, especially among the white collars in the cities. People hold different opinions over this.Some believe the game is popular for several reasons. First, people can

There are five people in Tom's family. They are Tom's father,Tom's mother, Tom's grandfather ,Tom's little sister and Tom. Now,it is seven o'clock in the evening and everybody is busy doing his or her own thing. Tom's father is reading a book and his

My DreamEveryone has a lot of dreams.Some people want to be rich,dreaming of becoming millionaires overnight.Others want to be famous,dreaming of suddenly jumping to great fame.I have a lot of dreams,


A meaningful visit to New Star Organic FarmI'm liuying, the journalist of school English newspaper.In may 29th,with the students of class 1 grade 2 ,we take an active part in the social practice training.The workers gave us a warm welcome and


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