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用thErE wAs造句过去式

When he was young,He was a good boy.

there is a book ,there was a book. there are many book ,there were many book

1、therebe结构过去式:therebe结构过去式主要变化体现在be动词上,在过去式的句子中be动词用想要的过去式就可以了(is过去式:was;are的过去式:were) therewas(were)ananapple(someapples)inthebag.2、therebe结构在一般疑问句中的用法:therebe结构用于一般疑问句时,只需要吧be动词提前,放在句首就可以了.例句:is(are)thereanapple(someapples)inthebag?另外需要注意的问题:单复数问题,单复数不同时be动词的相应形式也不同,这个是很容易被忽略的问题.

There is a tree in front of the wall.There is not any milk in the glass.There are two dogs in the basket.There are not any apples on the table.There is a chair and four books over there.There was a garden two years ago.There was not a pencil

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题:. . There was a school ten years ago.

there was a car in front of the house.

一般现在时: 1、there is a pen on the desk(桌子上有一支钢笔) 2、There is a bottle of water on the table.(桌上有一瓶水) 3、There are some books on the desk.(桌上有几本书) 一般过去式: 1、There was a village(以前有一个村庄)

there was + 单数可数名词或不可数名词 there were + 复数可数名词 如: 以前这里有条河. once there was a river here. 以前这里有很多小摊贩.there were many vendors here.(都是过去式)


There was a lake over there.那儿有一个湖.There were many birds flying in the sky. 天空中有许多鸟儿在飞翔.


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