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You can't go without his permission.没有他的许可你就不准走. With his permission,you can enter this room.有了他的许可,你就可以进入这间房间. Don't ask me for money.不要向我借钱.

i grant you permission to name the building.我允许你给这个建筑物命名.允许某人做某事.这样可以吗

if you ask me to learn english, i will learn it well 如果你让我学习英语,我就将学好它

it will take ages for the council to grant planning permission for our house extension so i 'd better set the wheels in motion now .市政会批准我们房子的扩建申请要一些时间,因此我最好现在就使它开始动起来

The teacher gave me permission to go home early 老师允许我早点回家 希望可以帮到你 么么哒

You should tell your parents about the party tomorrow and ask their permission.

permission的短语比较丰富,常见的有下面这些:permission denied没有权限;拒绝访问permission guard许可保护机制permission marketing许可营销;特许行销permission to park停车许可ask for permission征求许可;请求允许

1. I feel more energetic after short time of rest. 2. She is very confident. 3. If you want to leave earlier, you have to get the boss's permisssion. 4. She drives herself to work everyday. 5. Don't bother me. 7. I need to have a good rest. 不好意思,刚才没看到“rest"

Without the permission of our teacher, we can't leave school at ten o'clock.

ask for permission 请求许可the permission to do sth 准许做……with one's permission(副词词组)如果某人允许的话.在某人的允许下written permission:书面许可证;签单;书面许可;书面同意Give somebody permi


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