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用join in造句带翻译

你好!Come and join in the merrymaking.来参加我们的狂欢 如有疑问,请追问.

I want to join a music club 我想加入一个音乐俱乐部

1. We join in playing basketball.我们参加打篮球.2. We join in the team of red.我们加入红队.

Join in with us and take the risk.来和我们一起冒这次风险吧.

The road joins the motorway at Newtown. 该路bai在纽敦与高速公路连接.du I'll join you in a minute. 我马上就来找你.Ask him to join us for lunch. 请他和我们一起吃zhi午饭.Membership is free,so join today! 免缴会费,今dao天就参加回吧!They joined the train at Watford. 他们在沃特福德上的车.5句任你挑、答、

Can she join us? 她能加入我们吗?


你好,尊敬的百度知道用户朋友,,很高兴为你解答I just join in your heart祝你天天快乐,如有不足,可以继续追问,果满意请采纳,谢谢,O(∩_∩)O~.

ask for 有索要,请求的意思 比如ask for a heip 就是请求帮助 ask sb to do sth是让某人做某事的意思. 比如:my teach asked me to finish the task tomorrow 意思是老师让我明天完成任务 明白了吗

1.May I join in the game?我可以参加这个游戏吗?2.I take part in individual sports.我参加个人运动.3.Because I am interested in it.因为我对篮球感兴趣.4.It was difficult to

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