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i have trouble making complete sentences. 我造完整的句子有困难i have trouble finishing this task by myself.我很难自己完成这项任务i have trouble concentrating on my study.我很难专注于学习

搜一下:他的胃有不少毛病用have trouble with 造句

put sb to the trouble of doing sth = trouble sb to do sth =====*******======*******=======******** 希望可以帮到你哦!望采纳 谢谢!o(∩_∩)o

1. i have trouble wake up in the morning.早上起来对我而言是件苦事.2. i often have trouble with my teeth.我常常牙痛.3. do you have trouble with your boss?你和你的老板有纠纷吗?4. men do have trouble hearing women?男人为什么不愿意听女人说话?

She doesn't have any trouble moving the luggage. 她搬行李没有任何问题. Mary has trouble learning Chinese. 玛丽学汉语有困难. 有用请及时采纳答案,谢谢!

应该是:have some trouble with sth, have some trouble (in) doing sth, in可以省略


有麻烦 have trouble doing 做某事很苦难.

They had trouble in working out the difficult math problems .

have trouble with 有病痛, 因…苦恼 有这种用法

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