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用gEt mArriED造句简单

句子:he got married with Mary last year.翻译:他去年和玛丽结婚了..

造句:She didn't get married until she was well into middle age.翻译:她步入中年以后才结婚.如果你认可我的回答 请关注本人Wechat号:tfb51xue,可以直接在上面提问哦 你的采纳, 是我前进的动力! 可以追问,直到完成弄懂此题!

Will you get married?

你好!My uncle got married to a lady. 我用的过去式如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

i got marry to him 我和他结婚 强调结婚这个动作we are married for 10 years 我们结婚了十年 强调时间 单一个marry不能造句 必须是be married 或get marry

I have got married with lily. I have been to the place before.再看看别人怎么说的.

get married 结婚如:Some young couples get married on that day too.一些年轻的伴侣也在那一天结婚.

get married只是指结婚这一结果 She has got married是正确的 不能用She has been married,后边必须加for two years,表示已经怎样,不然就表示'她一直在结婚' She get married last year. get要变成got

People become interested in a certain thing and soon get bored with it easily.人们对一件事感兴趣,而不久又很容易对它感到厌烦.

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