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My friend and me. Hello,everyone.I' m Sally.I have a friend.Her name is Amy.We are in the same class.She studys harder than me.I' m 160cm tall.She is 165cm.So she is taller than me.She likes darwing very much.I like taking photos.I' m 15 years old.

A Happy Time The weekend of the National Holiday, I went to Dalian with 7 students and had a happy time. At 6:30 we beginning, we went there by car. It was fun. We went to the Sea World, Universal Studio and the beach. There are a lot of sea

From :DebbieTo :LilyMessage :There is going to be a picnic on September, 21st. We'll meet at the school gate at a quarter to nine. We'll leave for the picnic at nine o'clock. Make sure to wear the school uniform. Don't be late. When the picnic is over, the school bus will send us home. See you then.

My English TeacherMr.King who is 31 years old with ten years' teaching experience is my English teacher.He likes playing sports and he plays pretty good.That's just a few of his hobby, and also, he likes watching TV,and reading. Mr.King treats us

junk food is not good for people's health last week ,i ask forty students in our school "how do you think the junk food?" the answers are very interesting. many people think the junk food is not good for their their thealth ,but they eat them every day!

pudong:past and present 内容:浦东过去是个安静的地区,有一些小船和不多的建筑物;人们需乘渡轮去那里.现在比以前繁忙、拥挤、有许多的高楼和大公司;有六座桥和五条隧道通往浦东;许多人想去那看一看著名的东方明珠电视塔和金茂

nowadays,compute became more and more importent in our life ,how can we use it as well as we can do? We should say that every coin has its two sides,Generally speaking, students will benefit a lot from Internet. People can get lots of useful

I want to do something for my schoolI want to rebuild a library for my school.As we all can see,our library is too old and it becomes a little dangerous to read in it.The library was built in 1959,almost 50 years before.It becomes old and shabby.I will call

downstairs neighbor: i am very happy that we can live in the same neighborhood . however,would you mind keeping your voice down ? because of the noise ,my whole family can't sleep well. and my children can't write the homework carefully.and we

the importance of water as we all know, plants and animals need water. so do the people's life and production, t,ife couldn't go on without water. with the rapid development of agriculture and industry, more and more water is needed. therefore, water


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