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I want to be a doctor I had a dream that one day I could be a excellent doctor .I could solve the difficult problems .As far as I am concerned that a doctor is holy and sympathy .They make people far away from diseases and suffering .When I was a child

My dream is to become a doctorEver since I was little, I've had a secret desire inside of me that I've been almost ashamed of: I want to be a doctor. I don't know why, and I've always known it's ridiculous, since my worst subjects are math and science.

My father is a busy man who is working in a hosiptal,and he is 40 years old now.My good father is a professional doctor who is full of patient.So he always has to work untill midnight.With his influence,I want to be a doctor too.I was born in a not rich

I am a student of _____ Junior High School. I am 15 years old now.I have many classmates, they all have their own dreams. Some like to be scientists; some like to be drivers and so on. And my dream is to be an English teacher, because I like

Every time when I passed by the hospital,watching the injuried burden,e799bee5baa6e58685e5aeb931333330346662I always felt saddness.From that time on,the dream hit me,that I could help them,at least ease the pain a little.The dream is just so

Love in the rain That day, I was going out to buy a book, it was very hot outside, let me hard to breathe .after I paid for the books and was going back to my home, the day just like a changed face , it was raining cats and dogs. I was hurrying to find a

In ten years, my life will change a lot. I might work in foreign countries, and I will make a lot of money. I will have my own house, a very big house, and I will have a pet dog. At the weekend I will

我的梦想是当一名医生(my dream is doctor) I am an ordinary person, I have an ordinary dream: Is a doctor. Because doctor may let these experience personally the human which the indisposition suffers to get rid of the pain. May let the human

When I first read an article written by Chairman Mao, I knew a great doctor named Bethune. I've made up my mind to be a doctor ever since I realized how important a doctor's job is.In the dictionary, doctor means a person who has been trained



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