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Today is October 13, it is the first sports meeting of our school. Coming to the school early of the classmates all of today, wait for the beginning of the sports meeting . And the difference at ordinary times this time, it has such projects as firing a salute



In December 17 we have a large sporting event, we have to participate in the class, so many students began to spend a lot of time to do sports, I like, but my sport is really not very good, I know is very good at certain aspects, for example, that I am

Our school will hold a sports meeting soon.It will be held from March 1st to 3rd in our school gym.I think a lot of athletes who are the best of our school will compete for the prize.This meeting will have a lot of sprots,including basketball,running,footbal,


the school is holding a sports meeting now. i'm very happy to join in. i'm signing up to run the 100 meters. i like running very much,. i hope that i could win the 1st place. so i'm traing everyday to achieve my goal. my best friend is high jumping. there're also many people doing the long jump too

计划啊,用一般将来时.will, would be……

你参考参考,不行再说哦~~~~~~~ sports meaning Yesterday our school held a sports meeting. We have six classes in our grade. All the classes did very well. In the Boys' 100-metre race, I.Jn I.in from Class 2 won the first. At first, Zhang Lin


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