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亲爱的的史密斯博士 非常感谢你同意给我写推荐信. 我非常感激(appreciated)你的帮助,因为我知道你在学期末很忙,所以你把信寄给我就可以.等我拿到奖学金的时候我会及时告诉你. 感谢你的支持和理解. 你的, 比尔 米勒

1、推荐信 Dear Brown, It is my pleasure to recommend Li Ming, my good friend, for his application to work in your company. Li Ming graduated from Beijing Industry University. His major is Computer Software. During the four years'study he has

Dear Mr.Wang, I am writing this letter to inform you of my desion to resign from my current position. I would like to let you konw hou much i have enjoyed my work for Designs & Fashions during the past months.However, now i find that the work is

Dear father、mother:Nice to meet you!Dad,mum,you give me everything,give me the world.You told me:“Nothing is empossible .”I remeber it.Dad,mum,you are the best people in my world,I can'tleav

Dear uncle: I don't meet you for long time,I'm very miss you. I know that the city you live in is very beautiful.And there are many place of interest.So I'm going to visit it in these

《给妈妈的一封信》Dear mother, how are you in Beijing? It has been ten days since you went to Beijing. I miss you very much. I know it is dangerous to take care of scars patients, so I' m very worried about you. but I' m very- proud of you. Don' t

Directions: You found something wrong with the telephone bill you have received from the local post office. You made a call to inquire about this; however the person who answered the call was very rude. Write a letter of complaint to the manager of

dearliming:Are you all right mow?We haven't see for a long time.Suddenly write a letter for you whether very surprised.I now lead quite good, work stability, the day is very quiet.i don't know you how, recent the weather is very hot, I hope you work

dear miss wei, your letter came to us from the u. s. a. yesterday. we read it with great pleasure. i'm now writing to you not only for myself but also for the whole class. as you know, i'm the monitor of the class. i'd like, first of all, to express our

Dear Dennis,I'm your classmate, and would like to talk something about our class. I think it would be impolitely to talk loudly in the halways, eat snacks in class and drop litter on the floor, and cut in line when getting on the school bus. also I think it's


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