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1. Did Ann do her homework yesterday evening?提问:What did Ann do yesterday evening?2. Last week I didn't read an English book.3. 否定句:My brother wasn't in the park just now.一般疑问句:Was my brother in the park just now?提问:

1 the doctor Mrs Brown very carefully checked: 2. Don't take it back, we don't go. 3. It's too hot, don't wear the coat: 4 he always insist to take exercise, so he became more and more robust: 5) to play football after school is the best,

1、no matter what happens,l'll _stand_ _by_ you.(支持) 2、我并不是因为杭州美才去杭州的 翻译: _i went to hangzhou didn't because it's beautiful.____ 3、what do you think of the book? oh,excellent. lt's worth _c_ a second time. a to

Would you mind if I move your bike?(改为同义句) Would you mind my moving your bike?(独立主格) I must leave now in a minute.(改为同义句) I have to leave now right away.


那只兔子从田里穿过,却没能在先遣队之前越过防御工事.好像是在用军事术语描绘打猎情景.defeat=fail to do.detail=group of soldiers given special duties.

我想报酬那个我给她带来不便的老妇人. (我想赔偿那个我给她带来麻烦的老太太.)

This week I did many wonderful things. I went to learn developing film with my classmates on July 1st. It was easy and we all got good marks. I went to school to learn, because I will be a junior three student soon. We would have to learn some lessons

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