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原发布者:麻麻的抹抹 英文信件结尾祝福语导读:本文是关于英文信件结尾祝福语,如果觉得很不错,欢迎点评和分享! 1、假如你梦中有一点永恒的烛火,那就是我祝福的目光. Ifthereisaneternalcandleinyourdream,itismyblessedeyes. 2、

书信结尾客套语有多种,相当于我国书信在结尾时使用的"敬礼"、"致敬"、"顺安"等句.最为典型的美国式写法是Sincerely和Best regards,典型的英国式表达有Yours sincerely(熟人或知道对方姓名),Best wishes, kind regards 和yours faithfully(不知姓名).此外,英国式的客套语还有特别礼貌的格式,但除了特殊情况外,现在不再使用.还有:Best wishes! Wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!(快过圣诞时用) May you succeed!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further information. Yours sincerely,I look forward to your reply.I would appreciate it if you could give me a reply as soon as possible. Sincerely yours,If you coulf do like above, I would be most grateful.Thank you for your help.etc.

best wishes best regards god bless you! bless you dear! love you heaps! millions of kisses and good wishes!! best of luck! all the best! sincerely yours, yours faithfully, pass my best regards to your family, all the best wishes, cheers, best regards,

一般多用:thanks,yours sincerely,yours faithfully,regards,best regards,yours truly,best wishes,

一般都是 Best Regard,或者简单点直接缩写 Reds~!代替这是最简单,但也是用得最多的. 但是逢特殊节日,例如感恩节,圣诞节之类的,可以加几句Happy Thanksgiving,Happy Hoilday. 或者年终的时候,可以添加 Thanks for your support throughout the year之类的 这个没一定的限制,随机应变,有时候不一定要写什么祝福语,毕竟大家都是公事公办,可以在单子全部做完,再专门写一封邮件感谢下~!

书信结尾客套语有多种,相当于我国书信在结尾时使用的"敬礼"、"致敬"、"顺安"等句.最为典型的美国式写法是Sincerely和Best regards,典型的英国式表达有Yours sincerely(熟人或知道对方姓名),Best wishes,kind regar

Have a nice day!Have a nice weekend!Write to you soon!Looking forward to your reply.Hugs,Love,Have a good one!I'd better sign off now, looking forward to hear from you.

Good luck, good health, hood cheer. I wish you a happy New Year. 祝好运、健康、佳肴伴你度过一个快乐新年. With best wishes for a happy New Year! 祝新年快乐,并致以良好的祝福. I hope you have a most happy and prosperous New Year.

一般都是用dear sir或者dear madam,如果是自己的朋友,就可以更随意了.


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