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I have a friend.His name is Kang Kang.He has a healthy lifestyle.He gets up at 6 o'clock.Then he exercises in front of his house.Next,he comes back toroom the to have breakfast.After breakfast,he goes to school by bus.He has 4 classes from 8:00

dear pen pal, thank you for your last letter. i would like to tell you my typical day at school. i get up at 6:00 and then i have breakfast at 6:30. i go to shcool at 7:00. i have four classes in the moring and three in the afternoon. my favorite subject is

Dear XXXX, I'm glad to receive your letter. Now I will tell you something about my plan for summer vacation after the final exam. Firstly, I will learn to drive. I think driving can be useful. Secondly, I will take some English courses. Thirdly, I will visit some

My destmate is Jack .He is tall and tender .He writes faster than me ,but he often asks me how to answer the maths questions ,and I like to help him .我的同桌叫杰克,他人高大,脾气温和.他写字比我快,但他经常会问题哦一些数学问题,我也很乐

Dear XXX,I know you have just come into a new class and can hardly get well on your classmates that you are worried about it.I'm very glad to help you. So let me help you to analyze the reasons and help you to solve the problems.Firstly,maybe you

hello everyone.now let me talk about myself.my name is _____.i was born in _____.there are _____people in my family, my father is a _____, my mother is a _______.and as everyone know,i'm a student.everyone has his own interests.as for me,i

My deskmateA few table both me learning partner my friend my deskmate about period Leereally one can't avoid one's enemy I dieTingxiu gas watery eyes cherry like mouth some pungent I across the river to taste the taste of phase lioness's

I'm study in primary school grade four. My deskmate is a little girl. She is really small but cute. She has a pair of long hair and her skin color is white. She doesn't talk too much. She always quiet but sometimes she is very active when talking with

Jenny is my desk-mate. She is a hard-working girl. When she was twelve years old, she won the first in a city-wide poetry recitation contest. Now she is chairman of the Student union in our school. She gives us the impression that her ability to


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