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I have a good friend. Her name is Linda. She is very beautiful. She has two big eyes and a small mouth. She and i are not in the same class, She is in class one and i in the class two. We all like our class. We like our friends too.判断题 判断“T” “


1 Peter was ten years old.One day his friend Paul said to him,"I'm going to have a birthday party on Sunday,Peter.Can you come?"Peter asked his mother,and she said,"Yes,you can go."She phoned Paul's mother.Before Peter went to the party

【第一篇】1. Welcome to the zoo Come and see the Indian elephants and the new tigers from America.The bears are waiting to meet you,and the monkeys from Australia are waiting to laugh at you ,the giraffes from Zambia are waiting to look down

in South America, Africa and South East Asia.No. There aren't any rainforests in Europe or north America.They give us wood, rubber, fruit and medicine.Because they want to grow rice and rubber trees.Yes, they are.

Sandwich was an Englishman. He lived in the 18th century(世纪). Sandwich was rich(有钱的), but he liked to play cards (纸牌) for money. He often played for 24 hours, and didn't even stop to have his meals. He ordered(命令) his


c B A C

阅读短文,然后做题(8分) 第二天上午,皮埃尔醒来时,发现自己躺在医院的病床上.他急急要来一张报纸,仔细读着这样一条最新消息:昨天晚上11时57分,在圣但尼港东南约75海里处发生了里氏5.2级地震,地震引起了海啸.所幸的是没



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