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I am a student.I'm 12 years old.I'm in Class 2 Grade 6.This is my school.It is YueBei School.It is 1000 big.There are more than 50 years old.There are more than 2000 students and 50 teachers.My school is very beautiful. I love my school.

1 My Family(我的家庭) My family lives in Hsi-hu. there are four people in my family. they are my father, my mother, my sister and I. My father is tall and thin. He is a handsome man. He has big eyes. His hair is straight. He likes to watch TV and

A dream is to a man what wings are to a bird. Same for me, I have a dream career.There are many careers, such as engineer, designer, doctor, nurse, manager, boss,

The Spring Festival is my most favorite festival, because it's time for family gathering. And the Spring Festival is a new start of a year. It brings me hope and courage. On


五年级下册作文:我的叔叔 我有一个顶好顶好的叔叔,他最疼我,我也很喜欢他.他是个税务员,平时戴着大盖帽,威风极了.有时,他把大盖帽扣在我头上,我迈起正步,逗得大家笑.可是最近发生了一件事,使我对叔叔有了新看法. 那是星期六晚上,妈妈带我去叔叔家玩.一进门,我就发现一位陌生人在跟叔叔谈着什么.见我们进来,那陌生人一把抓起叔叔的大盖帽,慌乱地盖住茶几上的一堆东西,便起身


五年级英语作文一般是五句话第一句介绍自己或别人第二句就开始进入主题:如写一家人会干什么第三第四句就写上面的内容的陈述最后就结尾对于青少年来说,学习如何交友是很重要的.It's important for teenagers to learn how to make

one day, my mother bought two little rabbits for me. i'm very happy. from that on, the two little rabbits became my good friends. they have two little ears, red eyes, with white and fat boby. they're marvellous. everyday, they play with each other

A happy weekend At the weekend Lingling and Daming went to the Cangsheng Park by bike. The weather was fine.It was a big park.Many people played in it.They came there to have a rest after a week's study.Some boys played football on the


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