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他在tfboys组合中负责跳舞英文:He was responsible for dancing in the tfboys group.负责 英文:be responsible for ; in charge of ; take charge

he is in a band of TF boys

我喜欢的组合是tfboysI love love is tfboys 重点词汇释义喜欢like; love; enjoy; be fond of组合combination; group; assemble; associationtfboys北京时代峰峻文化艺术发展有限公司于2013年推出的组合,由王俊凯、王源和易烊千

fabulous, young, energetic

音标是这个 /ti:efbiz/

tfboys can shine~~

my favourite starmy favourite is TFBOYS,they are a team.The group members are three Chinese boys.They are very young but handsome.The lead of them is Karry,he is only 15 years old.The other two boys both are 14 years old.They work very hard

英文原文:t f boys英式音标:[ti] [ef] [bz] 美式音标:[ti] [ef] [bz]

tfboys glutinous rice ball

My name is _____.I like the star is TFBOYS.Roy I love the most.He is a native of Chongqing.I like Karry very much.He is the captain of the TFBOYS.Jackson is my best love.He is a good dancer.Their song "I love the most" youth Practice


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