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Chicken NoodlesEverybody both know how to cook chicken noodles in China. Now, let me show you the ways. First, check you have all the ingredients. You need chicken, noodles, vegetables and salt. Next, turn on the gars(煤气炉) and put the

chinese foodsthere is in every human being's

with the great differences in the climate, geographical environment, and historical and cultural development of different regions, chinese cuisine culture is extensive and profound with unique characteristics. china has local cuisine, imperial dishes,

Chinese FoodChina is very famous for its food in the world.There are many kinds of 而湖南菜则有点辛辣的感觉.麻婆豆腐,清蒸鱼和糖醋排骨,春卷和许多中国菜肴都很

My country is famous for its good food. There is a wide variety of delicious food available at food stands and restaurants in every price range. Despite this, although I do enjoy eating out occasionally, I really prefer to cook and eat at home with my

The main difference between Chinese and America eating habits is that unlike, where everyone has their own plate of food, in China the dishes are placed on the table and everybody shares. If you are being treated by a Chinese host, be prepared

JiaoZi (Chinese Dumplings) This recipe comes from long practice and much experimentation. A year in China taught me the basics, and then I started modifying it at home until I was really satisfied with the results. Skins: 8 cups white flour about 2 1/

酥炸鸡胗肝 Crispy fried chicken giblets 酥炸鲮鱼球 Crispy fried dace balls 酥炸牛丸 Deep-fried beef balls 酥炸虾盒 Deep-fried stuffed shrimp 酥炸蟹盒 Deep-fried stuffed crab meat 酥炸鱼条 Deep-fried crispy sliced grouper 酥炸胗肝 Deep-fried

Immortals Duck 神仙鸭子 Hot Tofu麻婆豆腐 Pool chicken叫化鸡 twice meat回锅肉 Pure meat白煮肉 Hot water Cabbage 开水白菜 Xihu Braseniaschreberi soup西湖莼菜汤 Ding lake's Vegetables 鼎湖上素 deep-fried long twisted dough sticks油条

Dear xxx I'm very glad that you like Chinese food.Now I'll tell you what the Chinese food is.l like dumplings very much.we always eat them on NEW'S DAY.l think you'll like it when you eat


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