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have left a deep impression on/upon

给……留下深刻印象 英文:impress deeply 例句:A good movie title can impress audiences deeply.好的电影片名能给观众留下深刻印象.词汇解析:一、impress 英 [mpres] 美 [mprs] 1、vt.印;给…以深刻印象;使铭记2、n.印象;

how can make a good impression to somebody?

给人留下好印象 [网络] make a good impression; Good impression; [例句]他肌肉发达,但是太胖了,没给人留下好印象.He was well-built, but too fleshy to be impressive.

leave/give a good impression on/upon

阿甘正传Forrest Gump 1.Stupid is as stupid does 2.Miracles happen every day. 3.Ain't I going to be me? 4.Nothing just happens,it's all part of a plan 5.The secret to this game is ,no matter what happens ,never ,ever take your eye off the ball 6.There

英语是leave a deep impression on somebody.解释:leave 英[li:v] 美[liv] vt. 离开; 遗弃; 忘了带; 交托; vt. 离去; 出发; 舍弃; n. 准假; 假期; 辞别; 许可; [例句]He would not be allowed to leave the country 他可能会被禁止离开该国.

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一般的:If you want to leave a deep impression,you must follow the steps below:First of all, you should kee yourself clean and tidy.You should give the other people a fresh impression with clean face,white teeth and neat hands as well.Second,you

With the attitude of humility passion to treat each other, must be able to knock on the door which communication, you speak first said hello to each other;s eyes, will give each other leave deep impression.SecondAs the saying goes: "a setback,


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