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What day is it today?Today is Thursday.What date is it today?Today is December 9, 2010

What's the date today?星期:What day is it today?要采纳哦,谢啦,祝你考试成功!

一种:When were you born?另一种:When is your birthday?

what day is today?

用what,例如:What's today?It's Friday the nineteenth.

2January the second 3January the third 4January the fourth 5January the fifth 6January the sixth 7January the seventh 8January the eighth 9January the ninth10January the tenth 11January the eleventh 12January the twelveth 13January the thirteenth

书写英文的日期有两种写法:1、8th March,2004 或8 March,2004(英式写法)2、March 8th,2004 或March 8,2004 (美式写法) 例:十月一日 写作:October 1, October 1st, 1 October, 1st October, (the) 1st of October等,其中的October都可以

Today is 3 January 3要念成third的音

what day it is today?what is the date today?

今天几月几日用英文问:What is the date today?缩写:What's the date today?


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