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1. encourage * 鼓励 (Encourage): 对那些有相当强的专业能力,但缺乏自信心的人,要积极的鼓励帮助他们认识到他们的开发能力. 2. cheer up 主题:托福听力常用短语 2.check up on 校对cheer up 振作;鼓励chew the rag 唠叨不断 3.


encourage 鼓励


We need some encouragements encouragements 鼓励(复数)

动词 encourage 名词encouragement

generosity是不可数名词慷慨形容词形式是generous变化有点特殊重音也不一样generous重音在第一个音节而generosity重音在第三个音节上generosity /dnrst/ 1.不可数名词 If you refer to someone'sgenerosity, you mean that they

The first time parents, kindergarten teacher, said: "Your son has ADHD, In the bench seat with three minutes are not, you'd better take him to the hospital to see. " On the way home, my son asked her what the teacher said, her nose an acid,

Don't worry. 别担心. Don't be afraid. 别担心. It'll be OK/all right. 行,没问题. It's all right. 没问题. Well done! 干得不错! You can do it! 你肯定行! Come on! 别灰心. That's better. Keep trying. 有长进,继续努力.



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