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歌词第一句是summEr in thE hills是什么歌是一首小...

lenka - knock knocka second, a minute, and hour, a day goes by.im hopin' just to be by your side.i'm turnin' the handleit won't open.don't make me wait,cause right now i need your smile.knock knockwhen life had locked me out,i turned to youso

Wildfire - John Mayer Rivers strong you can't swim inside it We could string some lights up the hill beside it Tonight the moon's so bright You could drive with your headlights out'Cause a little bit of summer's what the whole year's all about You look fine

monodythefatrat/laura brehmsummer in the hills those hazy days i do remember we were running still had the whole world at our feet watching seasons change our roads were lined with adventure mountains in the way couldn't keep us from the sea


sealed with a kiss 以吻封缄 though we gottaa say good bye 虽然我们不得不 for the summer, 分开度夏, darling, i promise you this, 亲爱的,我答应你, i'll send you all my love 我要把爱送给你, every day in a letter, 每天装在信封里,

summer - calvin harrisWhen I met you in the summer 当我在夏日遇到你的时候To my heartbeat sound 我的心跳加速We fell in love 我们陷入爱河As the leaves turned brown 当叶子转成咖啡色的时候We could be together baby 我们可以在一起的As

Daddy YankeeSummertime嘎嘎

This kind of love Is more than a lifeline For a man as weak as me Who has noself belief This kind of love Is more than amazing For a man wholost his way Who thought it was too late How did the sea How did the sea How did the sea get so rough I

歌手:westlife 专辑:westlife [ti:season in the sun]season in the sunartist:westlife lrc editor:fireinicegoodbye to you my trusted friendwe've known each othersince we were nine or tentogether we've climned hills and treeslearned of love and abc'

The Brave Under The Summer Sky.是这首吗


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