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An energy and oil, coal, natural gas and so on is becoming smaller and smaller, and the energy prices are soaring, the public electricity is als

Single capacitive pressure sensor, which consists of circular membrane with fixed electrode. The role of membrane deformation under pressure, thereby changing the capacity of the capacitor, the sensitivity is roughly proportional to the pressure

Along with the rapid development of society, the world has gradually become a "global village", the exchange and cooperation between countries are increasing. As one of the common language of English in daily life, plays a more and more

If that day I did not and you meetSo I will not have that copy of the pain of that sadAnd that a tearful memoriesHowever if not meet youI can't understand this cheerfulThe move this precious this heatAnd full of happinessYou were there?I Still in the sky and talk about love

Monday, "If you want to sing the song sing-biao" Old one, a mood, a glass of wine, a classic piece of memory fragments of life. (Of course, King song selection, t

to start with,thank you very much for giving me the opportunity for an interview again,I cherish it very much.Through last interview,I realized some disadvantages I had,which

如果你很忙,就不用麻烦来看我了(bother) If you're busy, then don't bother to see me.(口语简单为上) 新的教学方法深受同学们的欢迎,对他们的学习产生了非常好的效果(have effect on) The new teaching method which is popular with the

这个动作叫做XXX This movement is called XXX每组5次动作,一共做6组 Each set has 5 movements,and there are 6 sets altogether.这个是不安全的动作. This is an unsafe movement慢点做.Do it slowly. 稍微快一点. Be faster.两组之间休息一

When the love back to ordinary, the passion fades off; when the love back to normal, the heart goes to end. Feels the life turns to inanition, the sky turns to gray. Any a love is so, when the swearing is betrayed, the covenant is broke, the rose wilted,



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